What to do on Ibiza when it rains

what to do on ibiza when it rains

What to do on Ibiza when it rains?

It’s just those rainy days and of course, you don’t want that when you’re on holiday. Sadly, we can’t influence this fact. So instead of feeling depressed over the gray sky, you should embrace this rainy day. Just the residents here do: because the island needs it to flourish. Lauri from One Day Retreat Ibiza knows how to handle a rainy day: I bet you will going to start loving it too. See the weather just like your thoughts: often the sun shines and sometimes there is thunder and lightning. Ibiza is just as unpredictable as the weather and that is the adventurous part of the island. Ibiza does what it wants and especially after a lot of hot days, the island sometimes just needs some peace.
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1) Take it slow

Even though you may not want to admit it, a vacation can be quite stressful. In addition, you often only have a few days and you want to see everything. No, not even wanting, you MUST. Missing something is NOT allowed. That is so exhausting. When it rains there is no other option than relax. Of course, you can join the traffic jam to go into Eivissa-town (see point 6), but you’d rather stay where you are. In your villa, apartment, hotel room or Airbnb. Dive under the covers again for a wonderful sleep session, meditate or listen to a podcast to practice Yoga Nidra. Tip: this one from Eliane Bernard is very nice. Read a magazine or the book that’s been waiting there for ages. Switch off your phone and enjoy this peaceful rest.
what to do on ibiza when it rains

2) Namastay in bed

Sometimes things go very fast and stormy on Ibiza. As a result: power failure. This means that you literally can’t do anything: no TV, no WiFi. Your life ends here. Or is it actually the best thing that can happen? Are you with your friend/husband/lover or one-night stand? Burn candles and go back to bed. And you certainly know how to enjoy yourself there. Bring out the explorer in you.
what to do on ibiza when it rains, one day retreat ibiza

3) Get to know your travel group better

We live in our phones so much nowadays that we sometimes find it difficult to really connect. When did you really ask your company special questions? Deep questions, with honest answers? The game Open Hearted is super fun to take with you. Then you are always prepared for what to do on Ibiza when it rains. Ask each other a question and listen carefully. That’s how you get to know each other really well. Don’t have this game at hand? Another nice one is: 36 questions to fall in love. Whether or not you want to fall in love with your travel partners: a deeper connection will grow anyway.

4) Visit a spa

What to do on Ibiza when it rains? And you feel chilly and cold? Well, warmth is the answer. Go to a spa where you can pamper yourself and heat up for a day. On Ibiza, they do not have large spas as we are used to in our own countries. But there are a number of smaller variants which you can visit mainly in the high season: Vital Spa Sirenis is a nice and quite cheap option, with very good massages from Faustine, or go to Agroturismo Atzaro, La Posidonia Spa or Aguas de Ibiza. In the winter months, the following spas are open for when it rains in Ibiza: Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa and Can Curreau.
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5) Go swimming in the rain

Nothing as nice as having the sea or a swimming pool all for yourself. The water often has a super chill temperature. So skinnydip deep in the sea while you enjoy the waves and behave like a mermaid -or Prince Eric-. Obviously, pay attention when it thunders. Going into the sea with a storm is anything but a good idea. Also nice if you have a holiday villa with a swimming pool: hang up a net, buy a ball and challenge your fellow residents to a water volleyball game. Make sure you have a glass of  Hierbas for the winners. Fun guaranteed.
what to do on ibiza when it rains, one day retreat ibiza

6) Visit Ibiza town

If it rains on Ibiza then the beaches are empty and 80% of the people head to Ibiza town (Eivissa). So be aware that this place is turning into a small Ants colony, which is nothing compared to Ushuaia’s closing party. First, purchase an umbrella so that you are armed against the drops and you can start roaming. Stroll through the shopping streets, visit D’alt Villa or dive into a tapas bar. Where you can sit from early in the morning until after midnight if you wish. Can Terra is an absolute must, here you eat delicious pinchos and other Spanish master-pieces. Do you really want to do something different when it rains in Ibiza town? Then dive into a museum, such as the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art. Luckily, from now on you know what to do on Ibiza when it rains :).
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