What is Reiki distance healing

Everything is energy, and the same goes for Reiki distance healing. To understand this better, let’s dive into natural science. Quantum physics teaches us that behind the outer appearance, everything in the universe consists of pure consciousness. Where all these things vibrate at a certain frequency. Physical things only appear physical, when, in reality, energy moves so fast that an illusion of a solid form is created. So much for the physics lesson, from which I wished that I used to spend less time at school drawing in other people’s agendas and had paid attention.

Reiki is the universal life energy

Reiki comes from Japan and means universal life energy. This life energy flows through all of us, whereby you gain access to this powerful form of healing energy through an attunement. If you ask me what Reiki is precise? Then I usually give the following answer. By gently laying your hands on a person (physical session) or by tuning in to you and holding you in my palm (distance Reiki), the healing energy flows through me to give you what you need at that moment. I use special symbols to work on physical or mental aspects. You might not expect it, but a Reiki distance healing session is even more powerful than a physical one. With distance Reiki healing, you use the most powerful symbol that works as a catalyst. Wherever you are in the world or me, we always find each other, because everything is energy.

The power of Reiki distance healing and what it can do for you

In this global world, it doesn’t matter if you are in South Africa, and I’m in Ibiza. The universal life energy has no limits. When you feel the need for a Reiki distance healing session, perhaps out of curiosity or because of emotional or physical pain… Whatever reason you have, or maybe it is your subconscious mind that has made you curious about Reiki. Reiki always gives you exactly what you need. Whether this is total relaxation, a visual spectacle or the resolution of trauma. I do nothing more than put myself aside and make room for this life energy to help you. I make use of positive affirmations. Sometimes I get signs, images, or even words for you that can help you strengthen your happiness in life. A Reiki distance healing session can be intimate because of the things that come through, and that’s why I think it is such a powerful tool. Afterward, it seems as if we know each other a bit.

You can (possibly) expect this during and after a session

✔ Tingling and sensations (hot/cold)
✔ Removal of emotional blockages
✔ Recovery of self-healing capacity
✔ More energy
✔ You will be empowered
✔ Better sleep
✔ A relaxed feeling
✔ More inner peace
✔ The feeling of profound connection

They received a session before you and would love to share their experiences with you

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Jessie Jazz Vuijk


I thought a distance Reiki healing session sounded a bit impossible beforehand, but I entered the session with an open mind. While I was not at all tired and the worst nap person on the planet, I quickly sank very deeply into relaxation and saw all kinds of colors. So incredibly relaxed. An extraordinary experience, thank you Lauri.”



You hear a lot about Reiki, but I had never experienced it myself. Lauri gave me my first reiki distance healing session. I felt an energy (tingling) from my crown to my feet and my mind became still. I felt the exact moment when Lauri quit the session; as if she literally pulled her hands off me and I was back on Earth. The message that Lauri had received for me was also exactly the message I needed. Thank you Lauri for this special experience.”

Eva Rademaker – de Leeuw


How many sessions do I need

Of course, you can book a single session out of curiosity. If you want to dive deeper into emotional discomforts, it is advisable to allow yourself at least three reiki distance healing sessions. It can sometimes be the case that your complaints intensify after the first session. This is very normal and is often because you better recognize the signals that your body gives. Physical complaints can also increase after the third or fourth session; the sessions that follow after will bring more relief.

Book your distance reiki session now

If you are anywhere in the world, allow yourself the Reiki distance healing session.

✔ The session lasts approximately 20 – 30 minutes
✔ Excellent aftercare, where I will contact you to share our experiences.

Price for one single session € 57
Price for three sessions (deep dive within two weeks) € 147

Book your session by sending an email to info@onedayretreatibiza.com.

If you are in Ibiza, you can also experience a physical session

If you are in Ibiza, you can experience a Reiki distance healing session or a physical session. We meet at your location, mine, or on the water (where you lie on a sup board). Inquire about the possibilities and availability by sending an email to info@onedayretreatibiza.com. A physical Reiki session takes about 60 minutes, including pre and aftercare.

Price on your location € 97
Price special Reiki on the water session € 127
Price at my location € 87

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