Discover answers to the most commonly asked questions about our retreats and get some handy Ibiza tips. Our inbox is buzzing with your queries, so we’ve gathered the top ones here. Plus, we’re excited to recommend some fantastic hotels and locations for your stay. Let’s make your retreat experience and time in Ibiza truly memorable.

Where can I find the agenda?

Email us when you are in Ibiza, and we will check for availability. Our half-day mix&meet retreats take place from Monday to Friday. If you have a specific date in mind, let us know, otherwise, let us know when you will be here (excluding arrival and departure days).

Email: info@onedayretreatibiza.com

Where do the retreats take place?

We offer various locations. We do our best to follow the schedule, but sometimes we may need to deviate last minute due to weather or a change in teacher.

You can find the locations and program descriptions through the link below.

locations, program and what to bring

How do I get to the location?

Everyone comes to the gathering point using their own transportation. We recommend renting a car or taking a taxi, as public transport often doesn’t reach our gathering places.

We sometimes receive requests for carpooling. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange this for the journey there, as it is impossible for us to ask all participants where they are staying. We don’t have time for this during the season. Our advice is to come by taxi for the journey there if you don’t have a car. On the way back, there are usually people going in the same direction, so you might be lucky and carpool. There’s always someone who can drop you off at a taxi stand.

Where can I find the program for the half-day mix&meet retreat?

We tailor the program to the location and teacher. Each of us has our own specialty. You can find the program for the location through the link below. Don’t consider it fixed, as we like to adapt to the needs on the spot. But this is a general idea of what you can expect.

locations, program and what to bring

Do you also offer one-day retreats?

One Day Retreat Ibiza started to bridge the gap between a one-hour yoga session and a week-long retreat. After 2020/2021, much has changed, including for us. By chance, we discovered that the half-day retreat is more enjoyable for all parties. A full day is very long and intensive, and during many months, it’s too hot on Ibiza for a whole day.

Believe us when we say you will be just as relaxed or maybe even more, as a half day is less intensive. Plus, you always have the afternoon free, so it doesn’t take up a whole vacation day. This also makes it more accessible for partners to join, lowering the threshold. Something we fully support.

Because of all this, we mainly offer the mix&meet half-day retreat now. Only private groups can book a one-day retreat in the pre- and post-season.

Are there weekend or week-long retreats?

Currently, there is no week-long retreat planned. However, we plan to bring back the Weekend Break in the winter of 2024. These will always be planned last minute. If you want to be on the mailing list for this, send an email requesting to be on the mailing list. Or follow us on Instagram.

Email: info@onedayretreatibiza.com


Can I cancel my booking for the half-day retreat?

The beauty of Ibiza lies in the fact that everything can suddenly change here. Plans get tossed aside, and before you know it, you find yourself dancing until the morning sun in the club. However, for us, this unpredictability also results in a significant number of no-shows. Due to our limited availability, this can be quite inconvenient. That’s why it’s not possible to cancel on short notice, regardless of the reason (hangover/unforeseen circumstances/illness).

Cancellations are only accepted up to 14 days before the start of the half-day mix&meet retreat.

We will refund the full amount if the cancellation is made up to 14 days before the commencement.

If, for instance, you want to reschedule the retreat for a day, we will explore what options are available. Please email us at: info@onedayretreatibiza.com.

Private retreats
For private retreats, we request a non-refundable pre-payment to secure your reservation.

For what age group is the half-day retreat? And can I participate with an injury, pregnancy, etc.?

The half-day retreat is suitable for people aged 18 to approximately 65 years, provided they are in good condition. We sometimes get asked if children can join, similar to a gym, there is a minimum age. If a 17-year-old wants to participate with a lot of meditation experience, we can make an exception. The same goes for a super fit 70-year-old.

As long as you are mobile, have good endurance, can walk on uneven ground, and are flexible, you can participate.

If you have obesity or a severe injury, unfortunately, we advise against joining. If you are pregnant, you can join during the first and second trimesters, where we will recommend more rest and some activities may not be suitable. From the third trimester, we advise against participation.

Do I need experience with yoga to participate? And is it only for women?

At One Day Retreat Ibiza, everyone is welcome. Curiosity is the most important thing. We do our best to make the retreats suitable for all levels. If you are an extremely experienced yogi, don’t expect advanced poses or complicated flows. Our retreat is mainly about turning inward.

During the one-day mini retreats and longer yoga retreats in Ibiza, we introduce you to various types of yoga. If you want to read more about these different types of yoga, check out the blog on this topic.

Is the retreat only for women? No, quite the opposite. We are welcoming more and more men, and we can only support this even more. Together, we stand for yin & yang.

What are nice hotels/locations to stay?

We often get asked about nice places to stay. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, our first recommendation will always be Casa Naya. Here is the link to Casa Naya Rural.

Other nice places include:

Ibiza Town (Figueretas) and Santa Eularia. San Antonio is not our favorite town, although Hostal La Torre is a beautiful place to stay. Here is the link to Hostal La Torre.

I would like to rent a retreat venue, can you help?

Certainly :). Send us an email with the subject “retreat house rental,” and we will send you all the details.