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Meditating on a daily base was never as important as now. With the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus that causes the disease Covid-19, it’s a fragile time for all of us. With this new coronavirus and influenza circulating at the same time, you don’t want to get sick or spread this disease. But is there anything you can do as a responsible human besides social distancing and staying home? Which are both essential measures…

You can’t make yourself virus-proof. But you can defend yourself. How? By raising your frequency and boost your immune system. In the intro of this grounding and gratefulness meditation, One Day Retreat Ibiza will explain to you more about gratitude and frequencies. You can read the message underneath and listen to it before the meditation starts. If you want to skip this part in the gratefulness meditation: scroll to 02:00 minutes.

Grounding and gratefulness meditation on YouTube by One Day Retreat Ibiza

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Intro from the gratefulness and grounding meditation

In these fragile times, it’s good to keep your vibrations high, think positive thoughts, and practice gratefulness. But how to think positively, when everything around you changes so quickly? 

I will first explain something more about gratitude and raising your vibrations before we start meditating together. Recently researchers from the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, discovered how gratitude alters the human heart and molecular structure of the brain

Feeling gratitude can be a powerful tool for overcoming anxiety, and in these uncertain times, it’s one of the ways to keep your vibrations high. But what is a vibration? And what does it mean to vibrate at a higher frequency? 

Your vibration is a way of describing your state of being. Everything in the universe is made of energy which is vibrating at a particular frequency. If you feel worried, uncertain, and stuck, you are vibrating at a lower level. Picture this as a heavy and dark feeling. Even in these uncertain times, it’s possible to send out signals so we can expand our higher vibrations. When we do this, we turn resistance into the flow again. 

There are many ways to keep your vibrations high: by meditating, being grateful, and thinking positive thoughts. When you do things to raise your vibrations, not only will your energy change, but also the vibrations around us. Since we are all in this together, it’s a powerful and healing tool. Not only for yourself: but everyone and everything around us. 


Frequency of viruses and love

In the previous section, you read more about gratefulness and frequencies. In this part, we dive a little deeper into vibrations. What is a low vibration, and what is a high vibration? Viruses like coronavirus and influenza resonate on a low vibration. You can say they have a frequency of 50/60 Hz. In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology built a frequency monitor and discovered the average frequency of the human body: 62 to 68 Hz. Where a healthy body shifts during the day between 62 to 72 Hz. As you can read, viruses are resonating just a little lower than the frequency of an average healthy human. That’s why it’s so important to boost your immune system and raise your vibrations.

You can raise your vibrations by meditating, practice gratefulness/gratitude, drinking water, think positive thoughts, eating plant-based foods that boost your immune system, and listen to high vibrating sounds.

With this high vibrating sounds One Day Retreat Ibiza is referring to the 528 Hz frequency. This is the most significant of the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. Maybe you know about this as the love frequency. The 528 Hz is rooted in our DNA and has healing potential. It’s suiting to use while meditating. The daily grounding and gratefulness meditation from One Day Retreat Ibiza are recorded on top of this 528 Hz frequency.

Read more about low and high frequencies in this very interesting article here

Interesting fact: Imagine from John Lennon is composed of 528 Hz.

Gratefulness meditation on Instagram

We hope to bring you some light in these uncertain times. We would appreciate it if you would like to share your experience with this meditation with us. This way, we can stay in touch until we can see each other again in Ibiza.

Send an email to share your meditating experience with us: info@onedayretreatibiza.com or send a message on Facebook or Instagram. We love to hear from you and hope to see you again soon on Ibiza. Staf safe, stay inside.

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