The most beautiful beach restaurants at Ibiza: La Escollera

The most beautiful beach restaurants at Ibiza La Escollera

The most beautiful beach restaurants at Ibiza La Escollera

Sometimes you visit a place where superlatives fall short, restaurant La Escollera is such a location. One of the nicest beach restaurants, La Escollera is just beside the sea: right on the beach of Playa Es Cavallet. On the 4th of February, the sun shines as if it is the middle of summer and the sky seems to have done just that little bit extra to score points on the blueness factor. The palm tree at the entrance completes the tropical scene. All this ensures that even before we are at all a lot of photos have been taken. The choice we have to make afterward is immediately the most difficult of 2019. Will it be the heavenly lounge sofas with super soft cushions or a wooden table where the legs are directly in the sand? It will be the last one because it lends itself just a little better for a wonderfully long lunch.

The most beautiful beach restaurants at Ibiza La Escollera

La Escollera ticks all boxes

It is a shame that they do not give you an assessment form at one of the most beautiful beach restaurants at Ibiza La Escollera. Where you can mark how satisfied you are with a sad or a happy smiley. If only they had done this, because on the spot there would have been an incredibly happy smiley. No, just kidding, such a form is of course just a little too old fashioned, but the point is made.

What makes La Escollera so special

Are you already wobbling with tension on the tip of your Starck Chair? Then quickly continue reading why it is so nice at La Escollera. You only have to look at the place for this. Almost immediately you are greeted by a very cheerful young man who arranges the parking. Although the waiters have at least as cozy a face. A glass of bubbles from the house follows, with the rustling sea and super-fine music in the background. This seems to be precisely adjusted to the correct volume. When the burratina with avocado appears on the table, our faces also have a smile from here to Helsinki. In doing so, let’s not forget the amuse, which is again from the house. Wow, what a service. What lovely people. Nothing but love for La Escollera.

The most beautiful beach restaurants at Ibiza La Escollera

Is there really nothing bad to say about La Escollera?

Have you already added La Escollera to your list of tips? Well done. The great thing about one of the most beautiful beach restaurants in Ibiza La Escollera is that they are open all year round. In the winter months only for lunch (booking is a smart idea) and in the summer also for dinner. Yeah, you are waiting for that one downside… So that you can judge our objectivity, now that we are sitting on a huge pink cloud called La Escollera. Yes, this will also not affect the grade of 10. This is it: it can take a while before you get the main course. Long, what is long? Waiting for an hour is fairly common here. Even though you know this, you can easily anticipate this. By ordering more appetizers, for example, or taking a short nap on that heavenly bed.

The most beautiful beach restaurants at Ibiza La Escollera

Celebrate it at La Escollera

Do you have something to celebrate? Then pass it on. For example Jochem his birthday was not only one waiter singing, but the whole team was there. Um, can we also give an 11?

Restaurante La Escollera
Playa Es Cavallet s/n
07817 Sant Jordi
Restaurant phone number: +(34) 971 396 572
Office phone number: +(34) 971 395 188

Opening hours
La Escollera is open for lunch every day, all year round from 13:00 till 18:00. In July and August, you can also have dinner here.

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